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3 Easy Ways to Save for Christmas Gifts

christmas savings plan

We’ve all been there. December is halfway here, and we look forward to all the parties, all the gifts, all the stuff that often mean more money spent and bank accounts drained. The holiday season can bring real financial burden to many without proper planning.

The average family spends more than $750 on Christmas gifts each year, and every year the spending grows by more than 3.6 percent. These figures also don’t account for other end of year expenses like teacher gifts, food prep costs for parties or even bills from throughout the year that were left unpaid.

The avalanche of expenses can leave you stressed and unable to enjoy the season.

Here at Shop Girl, we are all about putting the fun back into gift giving. So what if I told you there was a way to avoid all of this through strategic saving on your part throughout the year?

Check out these three easy Christmas gift savings plan to help you life hack your way to a happy holiday season.

  1. Weekly Christmas Saving Plan

  • Week 1 of the year - save $1, week 2 of the year - save $2, week 3 of the year - save 3 and so on on, until week 52 of the year - you save $52

  • The savings plan adds up to $1,378 saved at the end of the year

  • If you feel like saving $52 at the end of the year is too tight on your budget, you can start from the end - saving $52 the first week of the year, $51 the second week of the year and so on

  1. Mid-Year Christmas Saving Plan

  • If you haven’t started saving yet this year - it’s not too late! There is another plan you can start implementing in June

  • Starting June 1, save $40 per week until the middle of December

  • This savings plan adds up to $1,000 before Christmas!

  1. Last Minute OMG Christmas Saving Plan

  • And if you’re like most of us and don’t start thinking about Christmas gifts until November, you’re in luck!

  • You can implement this 12 week Christmas saving plan, where you save small amounts one week, and large amounts the next week to soften the blow

  • The first week you save $20, then every other week you save $10 more, so the third week you save $30, the fifth week you save $40, the seventh week you save $50, the ninth week you have $60 and the eleventh week you save $70

  • Then on the even weeks, you start at $100, then every other week you save $10 less, so the fourth week you save $90, the sixth week you save $80, the eighth week you save $70, the tenth week you save $60 and the twelfth week you save $50

  • This savings plan adds up to $720 by the end of the year

These savings plan could become a real life saver for you. Try them out and you may find the holiday season becomes a little less stressful!

Want another life hack for the Christmas season? We offer gift shopping services for you! Let us take care of the hustle and bustle, and you can enjoy the spirit of the season. Shop Girl will plan, shop, wrap and deliver all of your Christmas gifts for you - no matter the budget!

Contact us today at and let us help!

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