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3 New Ideas for Corporate Gifts

3 new ideas for corporate gifts

Whether you’re a sales executive, marketing professional or just in the mood to be nice, gifts for your professional clients can be one of the hardest gift giving nuts to crack. You want your gift to be personable, meaningful and stand out, yet you rarely have time to invest the time and effort to make it that way.

At ShopGirl, we offer corporate giving services that helps take that role out of your job description. We know the type: busy sales executive who would rather be making calls than buying cookie platters or strategic marketing professionals who would rather be creating engaging content than browsing chotchkie catalogs. We are here for you.

Below we’ve curated our favorite new ideas for corporate gifts. Businesses are ramping up for the holiday season and will need some unique ideas. Check out our top four below.

And if you’re interested in more help with this as the holidays approach, email us at and let us do the hard work for you. Corporate packages are available!

shop girl coffee subscription

1. Coffee Subscription Service Subscription services have become insanely popular over the last few years, and coffee is no different. One can find several top caliber subscription boxes for coffee from all over the world. Urban Tastebud compiled a list of their Top 18, all ranging in price and coffee origin. The break room will thank you.

shop girl red stick spice gift box

2. Customized Spice Blends

A great local option for Baton Rouge, Red Stick Spice Company has gift box spice blends that you can choose for your clients. And you can even pick them based on the company’s personality. Create a special description of each spice blend to go one step further to truly show you are invested in that company and their people.

3. Upside Down Umbrellas

Run, don’t walk to whatever store you can find that has these crazy-inventive umbrellas. Order these with your company logo (or your client’s company logo) and make a bulk order. We’ve seen employees go crazy over these and they are a perfect useful, but branded gift idea. Found this at


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