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Girl Power Birthday Gift Ideas

I am the mother to two daughters, have one sister and am surrounded by strong, incredible women that inspire me daily. One of my biggest worries as a mom is that I won’t teach my girls just how strong and courageous they can be, or show them the power a woman has in this world. Both of their birthdays are coming up, so I thought I would put together some birthday ideas for all the moms out there raising fierce, strong spirits.


girl power books

We’ve lucked out so far in that both girls enjoy reading books and going to the library. Which is why I nearly squealed when I ran across this list of books from A Mighty Girl, giving so many ideas for books about strong female characters. Buy a few of the classics to own for your bookshelf, then use the public library for the rest of them.


I love giving all kinds of blocks or building things for toys. There are so many options now! From Magnatiles, to Brain Flakes to Mighty Molecules, any type of building blocks or construction sets are amazing and thought provoking gift ideas. Plus many have expansion sets that you can buy and trickle out throughout the year on rainy days.

Dress Up

I think raising strong girls means also showing them examples of everything they can be. Even if that includes princesses for a while, playing dress-up and offering ways to imagine themselves in new and exciting places is a great way to build creativity and confidence. We have a whole dress up box that has old dance costumes, Halloween costumes and play jewelry that is a huge hit. Mix it up a bit when you’re buying costumes and include some traditionally male-oriented ideas like fireman, pilot or soldier.

Goldie Blox

The Goldie Blox franchise features a female engineer and offers many building kits and books to encourage science, play and building. I love that each set comes with a story book as well as a craft activity. Great way to engage your girls in not only reading but building.


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