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5 Useful but Totally Cool Wedding Gifts

Wedding season is in full swing and we often find ourselves panicking when it’s time to find the perfect gift for the happy couple. If you were invited to the wedding, you have been an important part of this person’s life, and you want your gift to reflect that relationship.

A wedding gift can say a lot of things: practicality, romance, fun or advice. At ShopGirl, we often get questions about gifts that are useful, but a bit off the beaten path. You don’t want to be the one who gives the couple yet ANOTHER blender.

So we’ve pulled together five of the trendiest, yet practical gifts this year to help spur some creative ideas for your next wedding.

Micro Butane Torch ​Who doesn’t want s’mores on demand? This tiny single purpose tool is a fun way to spice up a stay-at-home date night. Creme brûlée? YES! Melty grilled cheese? SURE! For only $24, this kitchen tool fits within even the tightest wedding gift budget and is sure to be remembered.

Subscription to Meal Delivery Services These are all the rage now - services that deliver fresh, pre-portioned ingredients to the door for an easy-to-cook at home dining experience. After the wedding and honeymoon, a week or two worth of home-cooked meals could be a wonderful surprise to the tired couple--and a chance to try out all their new kitchen tools!

Personalized Constellation Everyone thinks of their wedding day as a perfect moment in time. And now you can commemorate that special night with a gift as big as the galaxy. Try out a personalized constellation chart or star map. This idea features a star map of the specified night, and provides a beautiful matte and frame to celebrate the couple’s big night. This is a perfect option for someone who wants to be unique and memorable.

Old-fashioned Decorating Fun Want something a bit quirky but endearing? We at Shop Girl are obsessing over these wedding embroidery hoops. What a lovely way to celebrate the day, but also give the couple a unique decoration for their new home. You can customize these any way you would like, or purchase a series for each of the couple’s big days - engagement, wedding, baby births, etc. Check out this precious option via kaminskihandicraft on Etsy.

Over the Sink Cutting Board and Colander This may be the most practical gift of the bunch, but it’s something every home chef could use. A cutting board that fits over the sink AND has a colander. For all those strawberries, cherries or baby carrots that need rinsing and slicing, this gift is multipurpose.

For even more ideas or help planning, buying, wrapping and delivering wedding gifts, e-mail Shop Girl today to talk with us about how we can help make your next wedding gift purchase even more special.

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